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Bullying Problem at school, I need some advice.?

I graduated 8th grade last year and had a small little friend group in middle school; no one ever bullied me, nor did they bully my friends. However, everything changed when I entered high school (2 months ago).

Typically, kids from my former school went to the high school in the area, but since my mom decided to move to a "better" area, I have experienced nothing but tragedy. To be fair, I had high hopes changing districts because my best friend Rick, who was in my middle school group, attends the same school as me.

Rick and I are "nerdy", we're your typical programming, anime, supersmash bros kinda dudes. I'm very tall and lanky, while Rick is short and chubby; naturally, you could imagine how we stand out.

A bigger kid named Elijah has been physically and verbally abusing Rick and I. For instance, he constantly licks his finger and smears his saliva on my nape in Bio, he essentially forced Rick to tie his girlfriend's shoes, and broke Rick's glasses afterwards.

The following event last Friday has incredibly concerned me: Elijah sucker punched Rick during PE and Rick threw up and got **** for it (excuse my French). I'm sorry, but I'm more concerned for Rick than my own self. It's getting to the point where I might just head butt this brute of a human. I proceeded to call him a jerk and Elijah said, and I quote, "Well your next Skellington". I was rather fond of his remark and took it as a compliment. Yeah I'm lanky, but Jack Skellington is badass. No logic there....

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    In this situation I feel like this person is going above and beyond out of their way to make y’alls lives h€ll. In this instance it may be better to proceed to telling an adult (such as a councilor you can confide in at school) because it’s more then verbal abuse it’s physical. Bullies nag because they have nothing else to do. Don’t listen to them. Ask for help maybe. But don’t be afraid. Remember that high school is just a phase and you’ll probably “grow up” to do something really well in life, you’re smart. Keep y’all head up and watch out for your friends.

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  • 9 months ago

    Have your parents and your friend's parents go to school and threaten the principal with a lawsuit if the bullying doesn't stop. I guarantee you, the bullying will stop. I did this to protect my son from a bully at school and it worked, he was never bothered again.

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