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Dog died recently, should I get a new one?

So this morning I decided to take my dog out on a comfort walk after he broke his legs when I accidentally stepped on him a few days ago. I heard on Yahoo answers that it is good for injured animals to go on short walks to stretch out their muscles. I always try to avoid going to the vet because I don't trust them with my sweet animals. I don't want my puppy to be scared and have ptsd for the rest of its life just because it had to go to the doctor. We walked a few blocks and I could tell she was happy because he kept whining and barking at me the whole time. He even tried to play by nipping at me lol she's so sweet. So, we walked to the park for a little bit and I sat down on the bench and let my dog off his leash. He waddled away with only his two front functioning legs and got a stick for me to play fetch with her. I tried to throw the stick, but I accidentally hit him straight in the face with it and he got a bruise on his nose. I begged him to forgive me, and then we both hugged. I felt so badddd omg. Anyways, on the way home, we went past this stoplight. And my dog decided it wanted to chase a squirrel that ran into the road. So I let him off his leash because I just wanted my dog to be happy. He dragged his barely functioning body into the road and right when he did, a huge Bolt Bus drove by going at least 60 miles per hour and totally mutilated my dog's body. I was so sad. After that happened I decided to go home. And that's when I decided to get on here and ask this

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    I'd get a new one. You sound like a good owner, and everyone makes mistakes.

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    We had to put my absolute beloved husky down in july and I was completely devastated and heartbroken so much I wanted to die. I couldn't even stand to stay in my house because she was gone... we got another husky pup a week later. I felt guilty.. and I still do but honestly idk what I'd do without her keeping me distracted from the pain and grief. It's still hard, but I'm glad I got another one. Shes helping me heal and she needed me as much as I needed her because shes had alot of health issues. So yes, it may help you heal❤

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    You are disgusting.

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    Oh yes, Mr. Troll, do you really think we're going to believe this shitload?

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    This sounds like a made up scenario.

    I don't think you are a responsible dog owner & should not have any dogs. You should have been thrown into shock up on seeing what you said happened to the dog but you have no feelings & no guilt. You have no business with a dog.

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    So was it a he or a she???

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