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Why are celebrity marriages and divorces Calculated in the total divorce rate?

Why are celebrity marriages and divorces for publicity calculated in the total divorce rate ?

Why would a society, calculate my chances of getting divorced, by the divorce rate of fake marriages for publicity purposes, between two people who take existence and society and economics and a social life, for granted ?

In my walk of life, alimony and/or child support payments are both futile to the recipient, and utterly devastating to me.

That's the first thing...

The second thing is...

It's my class that does everything and works the hardest...

We don't get married to advertise a wedding dress designer..

We're lucky if we can get one that's worth it at all.

So how is a celebrity's insulting mockery of life...

A valid statistic about anything at all ?

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    Celebrities are such a tiny slice of any aggregate that this isn't what's skewing the numbers. In the nation where I live the divorce rate overall is about 50%. But if you break that out by age group people in the 20-25 y.o. cohort have 88-92% divorce rates and those over 30 have much lower rates of divorce. So the problem isn't the 0.0001% of the population that's famous... It's silly kids getting married too young before their brains are fully matured.

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