Will you pay for your own sins? Or receive Jesus Christ?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    I'd rather 'Repent' for my sins by obeying Lord Jesus' teachings. Because God wants us to do so, ref Luke 15:7.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Ironically if we go with the story, God gave us our human nature (Original Sin) and we have been paying for it ever since. It will only be in death that we finally stop paying the price for our human nature. Receiving Jesus Christ is like receiving the magical Santa, it can bring a little comfort, but life is still there to smack you in the face on occasion.

  • 3 weeks ago


    Definition: Literally, a missing of the mark, according to the Hebrew and Greek Bible texts. God himself sets the “mark” that his intelligent creatures are to reach. Missing that mark is sin, which is also unrighteousness, or lawlessness. (Rom. 3:23; 1 John 5:17; 3:4) Sin is anything not in harmony with God’s personality, standards, ways, and will, all of which are holy. It may involve wrong conduct, failure to do what should be done, ungodly speech, unclean thoughts, or desires or motives that are selfish. The Bible differentiates between inherited sin and willful sin, between an act of sin over which a person is repentant and the practice of sin.

    Man’s Creator, then, is not responsible for sin. God’s works are perfect. He cannot be charged with blame for sin: “Perfect is his activity, for all his ways are justice. A God of faithfulness, with whom there is no injustice; righteous and upright is he. They have acted ruinously on their own part; they are not his children, the defect is their own.”—Deut. 32:4, 5.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Neither of what you mention exist.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    It's astonishing just how many people who profess to believe that Jesus Christ died to pay for their sins, deny that by other things they say and do. They make it obvious that, in their opinion, Jesus could only do so much, and that it's up to them to 'complete the transaction'. They have to make a 'decision' otherwise God's hands are tied behind His back, and He's just waiting, longing helplessly for them to clinch the deal. And then those people insist they have to do good things to add to the 'balance sheet' that will convince God they deserve to get to Heaven.

    There are even some people who believe that their own physical death will 'pay' for their own sins! Despite what Psalm 49 states. Despite what Romans 6 says about the wages of sin being death - they twist that around to claim that they will use their wages to pay for their sins. They cannot see that a wage is earned and you cannot try to use it in lieu of receiving that wage! Well, the world is full of people who have either been told lies about what Jesus did to save us from our sins, or whose pride causes them to think they can contribute towards dispensing with their own sins.

    Only when the Holy Spirit convicts us sinners of the horror of our sin keeping Jesus nailed to that cross, and we get down on our knees in grief and confession, will we receive the Saviour, by faith, and our sins will be cancelled. We will then pass over from judgment to life eternal, the moment we humbly believe. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit is in charge of that divine transaction being applied to the humble. Jesus will receive all who repentantly put all their faith in His finished work on the cross.

  • 3 weeks ago

    When will "Jesus" come for a visit, rather than Mormons and SDA folks that I have to shooo away? Should be a no-brainer.

  • 3 weeks ago

    What is "sin?"

    What makes you think you can "receive" a man dead for 20 centuries?

  • Mack
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    3 weeks ago

    Door number three.

  • 3 weeks ago

    “Sin lies only in hurting other people unnecessarily. All other "sins" are invented nonsense. (Hurting yourself is not sinful - just stupid).”

    Robert A. Heinlein (American science-fiction Writer, 1907-1988)

    -Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

  • 3 weeks ago

    i'd rather neither , although if i'm forced i'd rather do jesus 

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