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Coworker of my husbands is flirty I think?

My husband works with this girl who is a couple years younger than me. Anyway, she comes across as flirty to me. She’ll playfully squeeze his side or push him, with me standing right there beside him. She knows we are married and was even at my bridal shower and wedding. She has liked my pictures of us on Facebook so I don’t know if I’m overthinking this. I talked to my husband about it and he said he never saw her that way and that she was just coming off as goofy to him. He said he’s married and not attracted to her. So how can I stop this from bothering me Incase she “flirts” again? Would you consider that flirty or goofy? How can I let this go?

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    Do you think the coworker is a moron, or has an IQ listed in single digits? You have to put the behavior in context. She knows he's married. She knows she's married TO YOU. If she's not changing her behavior when YOU are watching, then in her own mind at least...she is acting in a totally appropriate manner. Only someone who is mentally challenged would flirt with a guy when his wife was watching. If you think she's got half a brain, then you need to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    I don't consider her behavior to be flirty or goofy. Coworkers are part of your "team" at work. SOME coworkers you develop almost close friendship type relationships with. This is encouraged in the work environment. There are team building activities and exercises that try to get coworkers to be more friendly with each other. The best work partner I ever had was a very hot blonde lady just a little younger than me, and single. I developed a close friendship with her, and (honestly) I was really upset when she got transferred to another continent. You don't choose the sex of your coworkers. You are expected to get along with all of them, though.

    My take? Your husband has developed a great working relationship with her, and that benefits both of work. And no, she's not flirting. Let the matter drop...

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  • kristy
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    7 months ago

    She probably wants him. You’ll just have to trust him

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Roofy the coworker if u want them to shut up

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