Chem homework help?

I need help with part B. 

My question is: a student had 3.86g of iron many moles of iron does the student have? I got 0.0691 mol Fe.B. Given your answer to part a and the fact that rust has the formula Fe2O3 how many moles of oxygen would be required to convert all of the iron to rust? 

Please include how to get the answer as well

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  • david
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    7 months ago
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    A is correct

    B. 0.0691 X 3/2 = 0.104 mole oxygen

    --- look at the chem. formula Fe2O3 ... the subscripts tell you that 2 moles of Fe reacted with 3 moles O to form the compound. turn this into a conversion factor unknown is oxyhen, so the 3moles is the numerator, and 2 moles Fe become the denominator

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