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Yes, I have an eating disorder. I’m anorexic. I’ve never purged and I’ve only taken anal suppositories once, using the recommendation. I took 7 25mg laxatives after a 8,000 calorie binge that caused me to gain 6 pounds overnight. They haven’t kicked in yet, it’s been 8 hours. How bad will this hurt? Will I die? Will I need medical attention? Or will I just **** my brains out and it’ll hurt pretty badly?

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    Don't take laxatives because you over-ate. We all over eat sometimes. You gained 6 pounds because the food you ate is still inside your body and you haven't shat it out yet. The 6 pounds will go away. Nobody gains 6 pounds in 1 day after binge-eating once every blue moon.

    AND YES, go to the doctor and let them know how many laxatives you ate and show them which ones you ate if you still have the bottle.

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  • Jeff
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    7 months ago

    What the heck? Go see a doctor and start eating more.

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  • Brian
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    7 months ago

    Sounds explosive.

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