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Did he want to rape me or did he have other type of intentions?

I was in the middle of this forest just sitting on this tree that fell down from a storm by a lake and this guy randomly came along and said “don’t be alarmed”...then said “hey you took my meditation spot” I said “oh, sorry” and then he said “I know it’s not my business but is everything ok?..” I said “yeah, thanks” and then he said “it’s ok to talk to strangers about what’s going on..”I am not sure if he saw me cry but that was weird. I told someone this the other day and she said that I need to be careful cause he likely wanted to rape me..What? I don’t understand if that was his intention. Did he also obviously see me cry? What was he thinking that I was going to do? I was just staring at the lake

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    Rape?   he just want to help you.  probably he thought you were going to kill yourself by sitting alone in the forest.    dont be negatively thinking about a person. 

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