How do I correct this and make it poetic?

If wheat grows from my soul’s clay,

If you bake bread with it, it will produce intoxication.

The dough and the baker get intoxicated

The oven clay says intoxication poetry

A tavern will shape in your soul,

Don’t come without daf (musical instrument

Since you re not allowed sad in the creator’s jubilee

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  • 7 months ago
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    If wheat should grow from the clay of my soul,

    And if that wheat should be baked for bread,

    Intoxication shall result from the sum of the whole.

    Intoxicated shall be dough and the baker of bread,

    For the oven clay speaks of intoxication poetry,

    And a tavern shall appear in your soul.

    You need not be present with no daf,

    For your sadness at the creator's jubilee shall not be permitted.

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