Does my bf sound like an ****** to you or am I just falling outta love slowly?

Like he always jokes about everything even when its serious stuff, which is super annoying, he spends like most of the day playing video games, he doesn't help me cook wash dishes clothes or nothing, he's been unemployed for 6 months, & I think now he's about to get a job, he goes out to the bars once a blue moon with he's so called friends, & he's even flirtef with other women behind my back, even tho I have been such a good woman to him, every time he hurts my feelings & makes me cry he becomes a douche bag then later apologizes, he only wants to give me attention when it concerns him, he's only bought me one or 2 gifts the whole 8 months Ive been with him, he says he loves me but I'm just not really sure if he does or not, does this type of guy sound like a douchbag to ya'll

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  • 7 months ago
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    Most dudes are like that its really hard to find a legit true gentleman, all men are gonna flirt & honestly guys like that make sick, if you have a good woman at home then u have no business going to a bar & flirting with other women, cause if you don't want your woman doing that then why do that to her, & if you wanna hang with your friends from time to time then go at a sit down restaurant, or go bowling something like that is fine, men need to understand women have feelings & are emotional creatures, it doesn't hurt to care about another person's feelings & emotions, if you make her mad then comfort her its that simple, & look at it like this when hes on hes game you have more time for yourself, sure it gets lonely but least he is there with you, & I know when a person jokes a lot it does get frustrating, but overtime you will be able to tell if he loves u or not, I think all women experience these kinda men just pray to god about your situation, & hope he becomes a better man for you best of wishes to you

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  • 7 months ago

    a loser................move on

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Seems like you had a lot of reasons to love him, in fact too many conditions. And now you see why its important that youre not supposed to validate why you love somebody. You could have 1000 reasons but as soon as they contradict just a few of those reasons, the entire integrity of the love you had for them is thrown out the window. The whole relationship is jeopardized because you could never truly love him for who he was just as he was as an individual. And now everything is in question. You couldnt have taken him for who he was. Thats not love. Thats cold and unloving. When circumstances change and you can no longer love him, then the truth is you never loved him because love is unconditional. And before you readily accept that you never loved him, take a deep, hard, long look within yourself. So that you dont make the same mistake twice. You had a good dude. He probably never needed a reason to love you because youre easy to love. But he loved you anyways. Why? Sure there could be a million reasons. But he only needed one, and that reason was because it was you. You were his unconditional love. Sure he made a mistake. Sure he cheated. But he also loved you

    Idk why hes mean, idk why he flirts with other women, youre still validating the love you have for him and idk why you bent backwards for him. Love makes us do crazy things. Some people dont know how to express love. That doesnt mean they dont care or they dont love you, but find someone better, and youll realize they didnt share the same love you shared with each other. Dont take it for granted. The grass isnt always greener

    • Bernice7 months agoReport

      Then why is he so mean to me sometimes & why did he flirt with another woman I have bent over backwards for him 

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