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Why don't governments shut down 4chan or platforms like it?

Platforms like 4chan are notorious for 'gray area' legality and downright illegal actions being performed so why don't governments step in and shut it down?

From child pornography to leaking company files and movie scripts, it's no secret the internet would be better off without 4chan.

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    OMG! No Way!! ANy Time Some Extreme Site Likke That Shuts Down They All Come HerRe!!!!!

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      Jokes on you...there already here, probably.

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    Child porn hasn't been prevalent on 4chan for over a decade, the site is pretty mainstream nowadays and people are always looking to report any posts like that. The only people who post child porn on 4chan are idiots who want to be arrested. 8chan and its other more obscure, less moderated counterparts are much more likely to have that vile ****. 4chan is not a gray area of any kind, its a website like any other. Facebook is used for multitudes more illegal things than 4chan because of sheer numbers, and it also facilitates this behavior much more easily because it allows private messaging and groups whereas 4chan is just a set of public boards.

    I think you may be mixing up 4chan with the deep web, which are basically websites that cannot be located using a normal search engine. Those places have not only child porn but guns, drugs, hitmen, and anything else illegal under the sun. The reason governments don't shut the deep web down is because they can't. They can go after the individuals behind certain sites but they will never be able to take down something that isn't a cohesive entity.

    Also any government that shuts down a website over leaked company files or movie scripts should be overthrown.

    Honestly if you want to do something about child porn snapchat is a much better target.

    Source(s): 4chan, reddit, etc.
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