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Why would a guy care about what his female friend think of his choice in women?

My guy friend sometimes points out girls he may find attractive and I naturally always give my opinion (sometimes I can be too harsh about the girl, can't help it). My point is, every time I ask my friend, if you want me to stop I can, he never asks me to stop. Like as a guy do you care about what your female friends think about the girls you pick? Would you ask her to stop? Like if you don't like your friend as a potential, would you care what she thinks?

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    People ask for other people's opinions all the time, it doesn't mean that they take their views seriously. When your guy friend finds a girl that he really likes, it won't matter to him what you say or think about this girl. We look for other people's opinions to confirm what we already know in our hearts, and when their opinions go contrary to what we want to hear we reject it. This is how it works.

    I also know that sometimes your male friends will ask for your opinion about another girl to assess whether you are jealous. Most of the time, if you are emphatic in condemning a girl, they will simply assume that you are jealous, or that you want them all to yourself. And this kind of thought will massage his ego, even if he's not interested in dating you. Men generally like to think that all girls are jealous of each other. So, it is usually advisable to moderate your comments and punctuate them with statements like "this may be my opinion but it doesn't really matter, what truly matters is how you feel about this girl". A person is bound to respect your opinion more when he doesn't sense any personal or hidden motives behind it.

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    He wants you or values your advice - probably is asking you hoping for meaningful conversation with you - part of his wanting you.

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    Sure, I'd care what ANY of my friends thought of my choice in women. I don't care what gender the friend is, I care about their opinion. And why would he ask you to STOP giving your opinion since he's clearly asking you for your opinion? You're overthinking this. If you like him romantically, ask him out. End the suspense already.

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    We all have that one friend, the one we know we can rely on to be honest.

    You are his

    So if a girl passes muster with you, she will with everyone else, his friends, his family etc and he isnt overseeing any red flags himself

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