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What's this whole China NBA thing? What's that all about?

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    9 months ago

    Oh herooo. ~ Aizen

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  • 9 months ago

    Hong Kong wants free democracy while China is a communist country. Back before 2000, HK is a british colony so most of the citizens grew up knowing democracy. Beginning in 2000, HK was handed back to China.

    It started with a tweet. The Houston Rockets GM tweeted that he supports HK and it’s fight for democracy. China wasn’t happy so it said it will ban all Rockets games from airing and it canceled multiple events with the NBA.

    The GM issued an apology. Others (media, ex-players, etc) chimed in on what the NBA should. If LeBron or Steph Curry said something, it would carry a lot of weight but they said nothing because they know they’ll lose a lot on endorsement deals in China. The commish didn’t say much. Just said that employees can say whatever they want. Adam Silver never said one way or another which side the NBA stands behind.

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