One quick question here : is it possible we've already experienced death? the sense that we did not exist prior to finding life in our motherrs ' wombs ? For those of you who believe we simply cease to exist after we take our final breath - well, wouldn"t that have been pretty.much the state we were in prior to finding our way to earth in the form of a human being ?

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    10 months ago
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    We all have a sense that we lost paradise somehow.

    That's because you were in the body of your father before you, and he was in the body of his father.... all the way back to Adam.

    Nothing ever really disappears. It just changes into something else. A seed must die to become a tree.

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    Some part of us has always existed. God gave us divine form and potential, and allows us to develop it in this life. See Job 38:1-7 (the answer is NOT "nowhere") and Prov. 8:22-31. We existed with God in the habitable part of HIS Earth while he created THIS Earth for us to love on.

  • sarah
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    10 months ago

    Yes, we did not exist before our parents decided to bring us into this world. So it is their decision that we have this one chance to live and be righteous so we can live forever. Had they chose not to have children you would have never existed.

  • 10 months ago

    There's no verifiable evidence anything like that happened...

    What's with you people and such infantile fantasies?


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  • 10 months ago

    It is not possible to experience death until you have first experienced life. You seem to claim that "we did not exist prior to finding life in our mother's womb". I have corrected the spelling an punctuation, but would point out that life is not 'found' in the womb of one's mother - life begins when her egg cell is fertilized by the father's sperm and that new life does not get implanted into the mother's womb until a bit later.

    If we don't begin to live until that point of conception, then we could never experience anything (let alone death) prior to that, for we simply did not exist in any shape or form. Yet that can never prove anything about living on after physical death (say, as an aware spirit creature). We only know about physical death on this planet, observing it with our own eyes, and we only know about the start of physical life for us (at the moment of conception - again through observation with scientific instruments).

    But, I repeat, you first have to be alive before you can experience death, so I would answer, "No, not for humans."

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    10 months ago

    or  our atoms willsplit when we die,then travel to aanother universe and we arte reborn.....or reassemled

  • That depends on how you think the brain functions upon it's formation and upon it's deterioration. I also don't think 'experience' is the word. I don't think anyone 'experiences' death, because death is the complete lack of experience. The body fails, the mind fails, and there is nothing more to comprehend or remember. Death is an incomprehensible thing by it's very nature.

  • 10 months ago

    Not really. We did not 'experience' anything before we existed, because we did not exist to experience it.

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