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Green Beret vs Marine Recon selection?

Please only answer this if you have a personal experience with SF/SOF/SOC or are well educated on the topic! I do know basic knowledge about both groups. I know that Marine Recon does not belong to SOCOM. I have read every book and watched every video that I can get my hands on. I know their histories and a chunk about their general mission.  

I would ideally like to get a comparison from different people who have been exposed to them or have been a part of them both. I was originally going to enlist as Recon because I feel that there is a much greater chance that I would be selected. Actually I already have my paperwork ready and might ship this month. I am confident in my ability to negotiate Recon, but I have heard that the Green Berets might not select you even if you crush all obstacles whereas I hear that Recon would keep you as long as you don't quit. I am now trying to discern which group would be the smarter choice to try out for. I figured that I'll enlist as Recon first and then if all is well I'll decide whether or not I'll enlist as Green Beret. I figured that it will build a strong foundation. That is until I heard about OSUT and SOPC. I consider Green Beret to be my ultimate life goal, so it would be more than ideal to go the rest of my career as one, but I have heard that Green Beret is much harder to enter. I don't have any infantry or combat experience and I'm so out of shape compared to how I used to be, but I think I can definitely keep up.

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    I don't know where you heard that about Marine Recon. But I can assure to that that is NOT true. At SOI Recon cadre will be there assessing new Boots that had a GT score above 105. And while it is possible to request a chance to attend BRC. You are selected by the Recon cadre and asked if you want to attend RSPC(BRPC). Only if you pass that to the satisfaction of the cadre. THEN you will be assigned a slot at BRC. And you most certainly will be dropped if you fail any aspect of RSPC or BRC. While most are DOR's, you can be dropped if you fail even one evolution.

    Now, my information is now nearly 40 years old. But the standards have not lessened one iota. And I was "volunteered" for BRC after 24 months conducting LRRP's in Nicaragua. And out of 33 that started BRC. Only 3 completed the course(I was one of those three). The very first evolution had half the class DOR. If you cannot swim like a fish. Hold your breath for at least 2-3 minutes or are afraid of brown, blue or clear water. Recon is not for you.

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      Very cliquey and tended to keep to their own. Most were down to earth men there to do a job. Vastly superior than Recon in unconventional warfare. They are lethal, well trained and dedicated to their tasks.

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    A green beret is a hat worn by Army Special Forces.

    ETA: Didn't need to. I could tell you were a wannabe from the beginning.

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      Just a random salty unhappy hater

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