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Why does my mom hate me?

 Is she a 

narcissist? She does everything to try to hurt me. She calls me a black baby breeding *****, Despite her googling how to get pregnant at the age of 43. She went to jail for knocking my tooth out of my mouth when I was eight. She told me that she hated my guts and wished that I was dead when I was six. She told me that she wish she had of aborted me or dumped me in a dumpster when I was born.  She constantly tells lies on me and stalks me and harasses my friends. She cursed my grandmother out through text acting like it was me.  She tells me that my sister is better than me and is way more further in life than me.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    cause shes mean is why

  • Z
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    3 weeks ago

    Perhaps your mum doesn't want to come to terms with her nasty character and finds it easier to project everything that is bad about her onto you, so that you seem like the bad one and she can be the good person. In essence, you are her scapegoat. And it's possible that she chose you as her scapegoat because she can sense that you are a better egg than her, people usually hate a person who is their opposite in nature and better in character, because this person will constantly remind them of what they are not and can never be. They tend to get along with people who are like them - even if these people have very bad character. If you are a nice and sensitive girl, she will do whatever she can to destroy these beautiful qualities in you so that you can become exactly like her. So, don't take it personal, because I'm sure your mum doesn't even know why she hates you. Just create some healthy distance between you and your mum so that her abuse does not permanently damage your self-esteem.

    Getting over your mum's abusive behaviour and learning to be yourself and value who you are, while not repeating the same mistakes with your own children, will be your life's challenge. So, good luck.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    She has mental issues

  • 3 weeks ago

    We have no idea what your mother's problem is, assuming you're not trolling. But either way the behavior you describe is not narcissistic particularly. Just abusive.

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