Does she sound more like INTJ ISFP INTP or ISTP or ISTJ?

she has deep voice

NOT gentle voice

she is down to earth

she is indepedent and strong

no nonsense she is very caring encouraging

she like buy present for others

she love freedom

she has a shy side

she is helpful, hard working

she is not keen in gossip

she like simple people

she is animal lover

she put her grandmother first

she can be sacrificing as well

she dislike pink

she prefer to married with T shirt and shorts and slipper

she hates wedding gown

she afraid of crokach

she is escapist

she wil drink beer / wine to escape her problem

she is unpredictable and her moods change like a weather

she has bad temper but forgiving

she hate rude people

she is very firm, strong willed and stubborn

she do what she like

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  • 7 months ago
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    It sounds like ISFP, is the fourth most common type in the population.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Sounds like a demonic possession

    • KyutieXuan7 months agoReport

      she is a Christian haha

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