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Western separatism *seems* to be popular at the moment, but do western Candians know that the US doesn't want them? Do they realize that the?

west would stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the iconic silhouette of the lower 48 states?

Are they aware that America uses US customary units, not the metric system?

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    Why would Canadians want to join the USA, even if the West did separate? That would be like going from bad to worse.

    And, yes we know the USA is the last remaining country to not use the Metric system (the other two are planning the change).

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    Western Canada and the United states are identical.

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    Do you even understand what you are yammering on about?

    The west (mainly Alberta and Saskatechewan) want to form a political party that will get the ball rolling to try to seperate from Canada. The seperation process would require ALL provinces and territories to agree to it, and then it would require a majority vote in the UK as well, before it can ever become official.

    It's not going to happen.

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    Separatism is not joining the US, it's setting up a separate country.

    If the relatively well-off Provinces were to think of joining the US, they would have to consider a lower standard of living, unreliable health care, criminality and appalling political goings on.

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    Western separatism is the temper tantrum that Tory Alberta throws whenever they don't get their stupid way.

    F*ck them. They have nowhere to go, and without being a part of Canada, they would be HUGELY worse off.

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    Really the USA uses some system based on British measurements. Canada has that system and the metric system..

    Not difficult to convert.

    So what the USA does not want Western Canadians. There are 200 other countries on the planet to trade goods with. Most Canadians from many surveys have no desire to become Americans.

    I doubt you know the customary standard units.a farmer uses or the difference between a pound of feathers and a pound of gold.

    Test yourself how big is a barrel?

    A barrel of WHAT gives many answers.

    The US Geological Survey now employs the metre for official purposes. Go figure eh!

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