Whats the difference between an External Hard Drive and a Portable Hard Drive?

Im looking for a 4TBH Ex. HD for PS4 and Im seeing it say Portable and External.

Is there a difference?

2 Answers

  • 1 year ago

    External hard drives and portable hard drives can almost be referred  to the same. External hard drives can be a normal hard disk i pull out from a system and use a normal usb cable with the appropriate connections and connect it to a computer. A portable hard drive on the other hand is usually in the size  of a laptop hard disk 2.5 inches enclosed  in a case and is powered by a USB cable that connects to a USB port to the hard Drive enclosure  that comes with it when you purchase one.  

  • 1 year ago

    Portable and external apply to both, really, there is a lot of overlap in naming.

    The main difference between types is that some are purely USB powered (normally 2.5" drive types) while others may need a separate power supply to run them - generally types based on 3.5" desktop drives.

    A true portable drive can eg. be used with a laptop running on battery power, away from wall power.

    From a quick look, Western Digital appear to be calling the ones that need separate power "desktop" external rather than portable external types.

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