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Why is every single headline on the news now titled "Breaking News" and what do they say when something really is "Breaking News"?

When I was a kid "Breaking News" meant Al Gore is Conceding or Plane Hits the World Trade Center or Clinton is Impeached or Space Shuttle Explodes on Re-Entry or Princess Diana is Dead.

Now a days "Breaking News" means "Arctic Air Heads for East Coast" or "New Tweets from President Trump Attacking Joe Biden" or "AT&T Pays $60 Million in Allegations on False Data Pledge" or "Student Assaulted by Staff Member at Kentucky School" or "Small Wildfire Now Contained in Montana".

So why is every single headline now "Breaking News"?

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    Breaking doesn’t mean BIG, it means emerging. The weather one is odd, but the rest I just hear “This thing just happened, we haven’t taken the time to look into it before we told you.” Which sounds like a combination of lazy journalism and a 24 hour news cycle that has to keep talking whether or not there’s much to say. I do think they overvalue being the first to say something, though. Are there still monetary benefits to the business for scooping the competition in this advertising-driven industry, when they’ll be running the same story moments later and all day, just like you; or is it just pride?

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  • 8 months ago

    You took the words right out of my keyboard.

    The most egregious (and laughable) example takes place every election day on MSNBC.  Invariably they will have a BREAKING NEWS banner followed by something like "New Jersey 5th District Too Early To Call."  


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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Agreed...people in charge of news media headlines now are stupid fckwits

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  • Mike
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    8 months ago

    BREAKING NEWS!! gets attention. And BREAKING NEWS!! URGENT! gets even more attention. It's called click bait.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Matt 24:14;Matt 28:19,20; Ezek 3:1721

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  • Jerome
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    8 months ago

    Think of it like this...maybe this will help.

    Take the "s" from news to see it differently. The NEW.

    NOW in this "times". Again remove and replace the "s" for multiple pictures of time"frames" aka visions being placed in your subconscious with this phrase. Through this medium. I like to think of it like this....


    NOW think who own the media OUTlets....and an agenda aka their historical ties to ZION.

    Can you see how easily propaganda can be placed in your head just with a modification of 2 words?

    Why dont you see crimes of Jews (non practicing) on the NEW?

    It's not because they don't commit them nor get caught..........🤔🤔

    A projection NEW.

    A NEW projection of people. A way of cloaking yourSELF as a community through a portal. 


    Your crimes against the black community will not go unnoticed nor forgotten 

    You won't erase US (Blacks) and you won't replace US (Whites).

    The US is stronger than that...........DUMMIES🤔

    • WTF?  Go find a cross-burning to haunt.  

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