What's the rarest mineral in the world?

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    Francium has a half-life of 23 minutes. However, it is produced as a biproduct of other nuclear processes that are common. The Guinness Book of World Records says that Painite is the rarest because there are only two crystals known to exist. Other rare elements, according to Forbes, include Nevadaite, Fingerite (which washes away in rain), and Ichnuysaite. Quora poster, Katherine Quinn, also includes Alexandrite, Taaffeite, Jadeite (though there are imitations called jadeite), Red Beryl, Black Opal (Australia's national gemstone), Grandidierite (of Madagascar), Benitoite, Poudretteite, and Tanzanite.

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    Painite is the world's rarest gemstone mineral according to Guinness Book Of World Records.

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    Unobtanium. It's so rare it literally doesn't exist, hence the name.

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