Where can i print photos in good quality in UK? Printout in Boots are so bad quality.?

I do have some very high resolution pics in my camera. I want tk print them out in good quality from my xamera to frame them. Dont mind paying more.

3 Answers

  • Frank
    Lv 7
    4 days ago

    I agree, photos printed inside a boot are usually not good.

    Kiosks at your local Wal-Mart are going to be pretty good for your typical snapshot.

    Often you will find better printing at camera shops, so I'd check with them first.

    Mpix has a really good reputation here in the United States, and they do have locations in the UK, too.  So I'd try Mpix first.  Here's an article in PC Magazine about Mpix: https://uk.pcmag.com/software/121903/mpix

  • 5 days ago

    Google for 

    giclée art printing near me

    and it will show a map of local high quality printers.

  • 6 days ago

    Image and photo print shops specialists are your best bet

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