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I know this episode was a long time ago but still I've got to ask. Despite all the things that had Shane had done, Do you think that Shane could've been saved or was it just too late for him? Did Rick even had a choice? And couldn't Rick had try to convince Shane otherwise or knock him out and then exile him for the group. Seeing how he grieved for shane, do you think Shane had it coming? Why it why not?

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  • Nancy
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    8 months ago
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    Well, Shane did go out there to kill Rick.  Rick only killed Shane after Shane had tried to kill Rick.  And Shane had become totally unhinged-- crazy-jealous, subversive, and homicidal.  

    That whole exile nonsense, no.  Shane was capable.  He'd have tracked them down and killed some of them, probably with a group he had put together.  He'd have been another Governor.

    Also, Carl was out there.  Carl even ended up killing Shane again when he turned.  When you've got a homicidal maniac on your hands and a wife and a baby and a kid, one who's right over there, that you've got to keep safe because no one else will, you don't take chances.  Shane had to go.

    The only way letting Shane live by trying to subdue him and then banish him would've ever been a viable choice for Rick would've been if Rick had been on his own and not in charge of protecting his family and an entire group of people who could not defend themselves individually against Shane, something even Rick could barely do.

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