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Ballet and flexibility?

I'm 17. Obviously, I'm not trying to become a professional dancer since it's not possible and I don't want that either BUT, I want to do it recreationally at 17 and it's my first time ever. I've never done any type of dance or anything similar. I've been stretching, however, for 4 years and I'm very very flexible. I can pretty much do anything when it comes to flexibility. So my question is, if I start ballet now (at 17 with no experience at all), will I be better than I would if I weren't flexible? Will my flexibility help me be better and improve quicker?

I don't know if my question makes sense but I want to know how much my flexibility will help me in ballet. Will it be any different than it would if I weren't flexible?

Will I improve quicker and look as if I've been dancing for longer?

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    It may or may not. The thing is with dance flexibility is nothing without strength. There has to be a balance between the two. Too much flexibility and you give up strength. Flexibility is a by product of dance training. While you may find you are more flexible than many beginners, you may lack strength putting you at a disadvantage. In ballet and other dance you start with your natural basic flexibility and build strength and increased flexibility as you train in dance technique. Flexibility is not the same as or equivalent to ballet technique. That being said there is no reason why you can’t do well in a beginner ballet class but don’t expect you will be more advanced just because you may or may not be  more flexible than other beginners. 

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    I agree with all that mintchips is telling you.

    I actually find that teaching students who are very flexible is a hindrance when it comes to ballet.  A lot depends on how you've got yourself flexible and whether you have any strength. 

    Just adding to this and turnout... too flexible and it's like having a peg in a loose hole and there is no strength to hold it.  Equally if you've got yourself flexible in a non balletic way then you will have lengthened where you need to shorten etc. 

    Think of it like baggy elastic trying to hold your trousers up.  

    However,  I wish you all the luck in the ballet class and just don't worry about anything other than enjoying it.  It is always going to benefit you for going no matter how easy you find it or how good you are.  

    Add.. to mintchips.. the words I dread are parents enrolling their child who is .....quote 'going to be amazing at ballet because she's really flexible from her gymnastics'.   

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    You are a beginner and won’t look like you have been dancing for a long time just because you are flexible.

    Your improvement will depend on your natural ability  and how fast you pick up on technique. 

    Ballet has to do with strength and muscle memory. 

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    I'm pretty sure that having flexibility will help in ballet

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    Yes, your flexibility will help you a lot and you'll be able to do things with more ease. Don't forget that technique is important too though. If you don't have that, then you're not gonna look all that great. Same with strength. Flexibility is one thing but not everything. And yes, it is going to make you look like you've been dancing for longer I suppose but don't base ballet on that.

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