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Help!!!! Broken tadpole tail!!!?

My tank if tadpoles (5 tads) got knocked over and one of them now has a broken tail!!!! It's broken half way up and barely hanging on. The dorsal fin is all that's keeping the tip attached. He can still swim, but he's not moving very much. Will his tail regenerate or will he die? What should I do about the dead end of the tail? Please help!!!


My tad is doing A-Okay! He can get to his food and move around still. Hopefully his legs will develop soon so he won't have to move around so painfully.

Update 2:

The dead tail end fell off on its own. I'm seeing a small blood spot but he's still doing just fine and moving around well!!!

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    There's no need for the tail to regenerate because it is only a temporary appendage.  As it developed, the tail will be eaten by the body as nutrition.  He'll blatantly struggle a lot until his legs develop, but assuming he can get food, he should be fine.

  • Tadpoles tend to have short lives. I don't think it's worth it to try healing them

    • Etchyn4 weeks agoReport

      In the wild, yes. But these aren't wild tadpoles. They are captive. In a tank. With no competition for food. With no predators. It's no different than it would be for a pet fish. Just because they don't tend to survive in the wild doesn't mean im just going to let them die in my care.

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    The tail is for moving around. If he can move to get food, he’ll be fine. The tail disappears as he transforms into a frog. 

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    If the tadpole is missing the back half of his body, it'd be difficult for him to swim and therefore will most likely starve. Also it would probably end up being a very deformed frog. I'd say you got 4 tadpoles now.

    • Etchyn4 weeks agoReport

      It's not the entire back half of it's body. Just the back of it's tail. The front half of it's tail is still present

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