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Am I jerk for wanting my roommate to remove her underwear from the kitchen sink?

So I washed my silverware and I saw that one of my roommates left their UNDERWEAR soaking in the KITCHEN sink. Personally, I feel that underwear should only be washed in a bathroom sink. I have never seen this happen before until today.

*I post in the group me*

"Hey, there's underwear in the kitchen sink. Could someone remove it?"

*one of my roommates LEAVES the group me*

The other one (same one leaving laundry): "Hey I will remove my stuff when I get home. They're clean. I just spilled something on them and I washed out the stain"

Me: "Ok in the future could you do that in the bathroom sink or tub?"

Her: "It's not your side of the sink though"

Me: "It's the kitchen....."

Her: "It's not your side of the sink"


She thinks it's okay to do that because she had already washed her underwear in the washing machine and was only leaving them in the sink to get a stain out since she spilled something on it

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  • VAA
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    8 months ago

    New rule roomies:  Underwear will not be left to soak anywhere food is prepared or dishes washed...period.  How do you divide a sink into "sides" when the water fills the entire area?  Personally I wouldn't want her nasty drawers soaking where I wash my face and brush my teeth but I could deal with the bathroom sink being used as long as the soak is a short one.  

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  • drip
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    8 months ago

    Once again. Group meeting and get some rules set. Common areas should not have personal stuff left in them

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  • 8 months ago

    I would have done the same thing you would have done. That’s just nasty to wash her underwear in the kitchen sink. What if there’s a skid mark on her underwear. She could be contaminating the dishes that you eat with her turd. 

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