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I know someone who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which has spread to the liver. He was told if chemo is effective he has 8-9 months?

How long can he expect to live if the chemo does not work?

They told him there is a 40 percent chance it will shrink the tumors, 20 percent chance they will remain the same size and 40 percent chance the chemo does nothing and they continue to grow.

If it does nothing for him, how long would he have? How long would he still be able to get around and function normally before he is confined to a bed?

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    My friend died of pancreatic cancer in September of this year. 

    He lasted 41 months after diagnosis. He was diagnosed in April 2016.

    By December 2017, it had spread to his liver. He still survived nearly 21 months after that.

    Chemo was able to shrink his tumors. That's why he lasted 41 months. 

    This person's survival depends upon the result of chemo. If it can shrink his tumor he might possibly last at least an year or 2. 

    If the chemo does nothing then unfortunately he has very short time.

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    I'm no expert...but it sounds like it depends on the person and how their body reacts to the treatment.  I would definitely see what the doctors think.

    Cancer is awful.  It often times robs a family of a loved one...or it robs a person of his/her dignity.  What gives me comfort though is what the Bible tells us at Isaiah 33:24 - "And no resident will say:  "I am sick"...  God promises that one day, nobody on the Earth will be sick. 


    In the meantime, we have to endure pain, sickness, and death.  The link below contains some helpful information why suffering is allowed by God.

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    Are you honestly so dim that you can't figure out on your own that if the treatment doesn't work. He will likely have less time?

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    Oh deary me! This sounds very sad.

    Pancreatic cancer is usually a very aggressive form of cancer. If the treatment does not work, then he will probably only have a very small number of weeks to life.

    I'm very sorry about this.

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    Well, I would never allow Chemo therapy. We have a clean bio body which only need clean bio medicine - no weapon of mass destruction (Chemo is nothing else than the mustard gas from WWI). I do not fear cancer - I would treat myself.

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    Ask his doctors. Every cancer patient has different circumstances, it's impossible to tell just from the information provided here.

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      These idiots that post this kind of question shouldn't be taken seriously.  They are just attention whoring.

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    Chemo will not save him. He needs to look for a natural or homeopath way to shrink his tumors. Right now I recommend him not eat any carbohydrates or sugar or glucose. Since these things will only make the cancer cells grow faster. Cancer cells live off glucose. Its called a ketogenic diet. Depending on the type of cancer he has, look for natural ways to shrink tumors. There are many vegetables such as beets that can shrink specific tumors.

    But since its pancreatic cancer, the survival rate is extremely low for that. I don't even know if these methods will help much

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      Chemo sucks the life outta you and you will never return back to the same person again. With homeopathic treatment, you can still remain the same healthy person. 

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