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WD-40? the smell?

I used WD-40 on my bike chain and so e got on my hand and clothes because the nozzle broke and I smell of this stuff now, how do I get it off me and mu clothes and does this stuff wash off surfaces, I can't get rid of the smell either..

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  • Sandy
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    WD-40 is basically oil, so if it's on your clothes, you need to launder them.

    If it's on your skin, just wash it off with soap and water.

    • Sandy
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      According to the company, " It’s a complex blend of lubricating oils, performance additives, surfactants and solvents which combine to deliver lubrication, water displacement, cleaning and rust protection on various metal surfaces". So yes, there is oil.

  • In
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    4 weeks ago

    Dawn Dish Washing detergent will clean it up.

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