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blood lump in my back?

Okay so like a week ago I woke up and i had a raised bump on my back, it wasn't that big, but it was completely purple and dark red. 

I thought it was a pimple, so i just popped it, it made a pop sensation, ONLY blood came out from it, A LOT of blood, and there was ZERO pain at all, which is weird because back pimple are usually very painful for me and it had no pus at all. 

Its gone and scabbed and is basically okay but

i was looking at pictures of kaposi's sarcoma and it looked sort of like that, they are purple and full of blood, but mine went away while i think the kaposi sarcoma is permanent? 

could it be skin cancer? if it and i go to the doctor, he will not believe me because i dont have any evidence of it anymore since it went away

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    to be honest, seeing a doctor is the standard advice to most medical questions asked around here.. you can schedule an early appointment at a local clinic if such lump or bump appears again at the same location..

    if cancers are known for anything they are known for their persistence and they are known for their 'i'll be back!!' catch-phrase.. but actually tumours both malignant (cancers) and benign (non-cancerous tumours) are known to re-grow back at the same location.. a solitary Papilloma (a benign tumour) can look cancerous and malicious..

    i am more inclined to think about local skin infections that simply healed-up leaving a collection of old blood and pus.. such small local infections do not often regrow back on the same location..all the best..

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    No.  It's still just you being a moron.   Why is it people just aren't intelligent enough to realize that only a doctor can diagnose cancer with any degree of certainty?

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    i would go see a doctor anyways , they can still check it out even if you dont have evidence of it

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