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Have you ever been to Melbourne Australia and walked down the streets lined with destitute and dying people?

Most of them are Aussies.

About one third are migrants.Melbourne appears to be the homeless Mecca of Australia. A large interstate and international population of homeless people find themselves being drawn into this city. Perhaps just like Skid Row in Los Angeles California.


Do you walk past beggars?

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    There's been a noticeable increase of people living on the streets, particularly around Flinders Street.

    I think some of it has been caused by people who squatted in housing that was vacated to make way for all of the new infrastructure work, and have been moved on as work starts. It's only going to get worse as a full blown recession looks likely in the near future.

    Edit: I'm always happy to hand them a few smokes if they ask. My youngest will quite often ask for money for their collection hat, she'll ask for a bit extra if they have a dog for a companion. Nice heart my youngest.

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      As long as humanity still has a heart there will always be hope. 

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    Even though I used to live Melbourne but Sydney has got more homeless and beggers than Melbourne. Here in Sydney's CBD you can't walk 100m without being hassle by them. Just about every corner here you get one begger down on it knees, facing down holding a small plastic cup above their head begging. But then again you know where they gonna spend the money don't you? Alcohol or drugs. Sadly they did this to themselves.

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      Sure. I understand that but I simply wouldn't give them cash, even they say it's for buying food. You as well asks them what they wanna eat and then buy it. If you have the time to do so.

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    8 months ago

    They're just getting away for the lock out laws in Sydney.

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