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Tara and Madison Rayne storyline in Tna thoughts?

I know this is an old topic, but I was revisiting some of Victoria/Tara/Lisa Von Marie storylines/matches. After watching her as Tara in Tna I felt like she spent most of her time being Madison Raynes spineless slave with a lesbian vibe (ex: her riding Madison in on her bike and them kissing each other). Madison would boss her around and Tara would just take it. She even laid down for Madison to give her the belt which was disgusting. Plus the few times they faced each other Madison usually came out on top. Tara never was given her revenge against Madison I dont think.Most of her career in TNA was that and getting beat up and put to sleep by The Beautiful People. Did TNA just use Tara as a ratings booster? Did she anger upper management behind the scenes? What was up with the stupid Jessie love birds storyline? Seemed liked she just bent over and took TNA brass up the booty hole. I loved her in WWE and she is great on the independent circuit. However in TNA it felt like she was nothing more than a doormat for Madison Rayne and the other knockouts to wipe their feet on. What was up with that and what are your thoughts on her storyline with Madison?

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    She got a push in the beginning and was used well, I think she may of thinking of leaving tna or going back to wwe but then ending up staying in the end, so maybe that angered upper management 🤷🏻‍♀️

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      That's what I was thinking. Or maybe Dixie Carter at the time hated her for some reason. For being the biggest star in that company then she was just used as sort of a slutty jobber. Even the ways they took the belt from her were bs. 3 time champion that lost them in strange and disrespectful ways.

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