At the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine does Benjamin Sisko die, or has he just been taken by The Prophets to the Celestial Temple ?

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  • 9 months ago
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    The episode was called What You Leave Behind, it was a two part story (2 hours long).


    As they tumble through the flames, Dukat and the book disintegrate, but Sisko suddenly materializes in the Celestial Temple. The prophet disguised as Sisko's mother Sarah gives him both good news and bad. The good news is that the Emissary succeeded in his mission by returning the Pah-wraiths to the Fire Caves, and by destroying the book he had trapped both them and Dukat inside a prison that can never be escaped; the bad news is that he must remain indefinitely in the Celestial Temple as his work there is only just beginning.

    On DS9, the others explain to Kasidy that they found Sisko's runabout but there was no sign of him. Just then, the Emissary comes to Kasidy in a vision. Relieved to see her beloved husband, she embraces and kisses him one last time. He informs her that he will not be coming back, and Kasidy now realizes the "sorrow" predicted by the prophets. Now speaking in non-linear riddles himself, he solemnly declares his role as Emissary, speaking of destiny, of having a great deal of things to do and learn. However, he promises Kasidy that he will return "in a year, or maybe… yesterday". They say their goodbyes, and then suddenly Kasidy is back on DS9, telling Jake she has spoken to his father.

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