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British bacon brand, Spoilt Pig is the only one that says on the packet it is not from pigs raised on antibiotics, does this mean all other?

brands sell bacon from pigs that are raised on antibiotics

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    Rattan basket is wise choice.

  • denise
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    No, I should'nt think so, The firm is just stating that their animals are not treated with any chemicals e.t.c.

    In other words their probably run on an 'organic' basis.

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    A new label on bacon informing consumers pigs have been 'Raised Without Antibiotics' has been ... Any treated pigs will then be sold separately under a Freedom Food label, but will not carry the antibiotic label. Farming system. spoilt pig said 85-90% of the pigs raised receive no antibiotics. .... UK Weather.

  • 4 weeks ago

    With "branded" bacon in packs - likely. Some of the brands will let you trace the meat back to the stable/pig through a scancode (e.g. fTrace - https://www.ftrace.com/en/gb ) on the pack.

    However, I suppose that brand isn't the only one to make that claim on their packs - it may be the only one among the branded bacon packs available in your supermarket, though.

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