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Was I worried for no reason?

Where I work my boss is in his 50s and his wife Sue, is in her 20s, my age. It is known through out the company that my boss is very jealous of his wife around other men. We try to avoid her as much as we can. I have had a few brief conversations with her and she seems to be a nice person.

One day Sue ask me if I could drive her home as her husband had to work late. I told her I would if it was OK with her husband my boss. I did not want to get in trouble with my boss for being around his wife. She said my husband does not control what I do. If he objects to you driving me home, I will cut him off from what he likes most.

OH CRAP. I am in a lose lose situation. If my boss is mad at me for driving his wife home and is cut off. If I refuse to drive her home she and possibly my boss will be mad at me and goodbye job.

After some thought I decided to drive her home. When I got home, I started updating my resume. The next morning my boss called me into his office. He thanked me for driving his wife home. He said she had a great meal waiting for him when he got home.

Did I dodge a bullet by doing what I did? The LAST thing I want to do is become her friend. Do you think I was worried for no reason?

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  • Jerry
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    8 months ago
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    I think you're right to be careful, especially from what you've said. She's his "trophy" wife. This time you may have been worried for no reason...keep it at arms length, and if you're asked again, say "sorry, but I can't today." And leave it at that...

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  • Linda
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    8 months ago

    I can see your point but it turned out okay so count your lucky stars.

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