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My back is constantly hurting what should i do? ?

Its mostly my lower back. I November 2018 - August 2019 i worked at an Amazon Fulfillment center. Now I just do retail but I been doing that while working at Amazon. 

Every night I keep asking my husband to give me a back massage because it hurts that bad and when he gets to the lower back it crackd so loud and multiple times too and its okay until i feel it stiffen up again. What should I do?


Im 26 years old, female, amd do a lot of bending at my retail job and during my time with Amazon

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    Start by seeing a doctor to get x-rays and understand what's actually going on.  It could be that you simply need some physical therapy to stretch and strengthen your core muscles -- most back aches are muscular and your description sounds like the issue is in your muscles. There are also more serious conditions for pinched nerves to herniated discs to spondylolisthesis.  

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    A chiropractor (bone doctor) could help by giving steroid shots for the pain and/or prescribing physical therapy exercises. You should probably wear a brace brace if you will be doing any heavy lifting.

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    The cracking, popping crap, in most situations, means absolutely nothing at all. You did not mention age, weight, activity levels, shoes, leg foot or hip issues. All of which can and do play a role. There are specific exercises for the different areas of the back that can be quite effective. There are also flexibility exercises that that can be helpful. Most back issues come down to core/back strength and or flexibility as opposed to an actual, serious issue. The pain and discomfort is still the same, so it may seem serious. Start with you GP, see if they think PT or a back guy is the next step for you. I have a thing against Chiropractors, sure they can adjust but strength must be built to keep the adjustment in check.

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    See an orthopedic doctor to get it checked out by having xray and an MRI. I have had four back surgeries and you might need a back brace or something else done for your back. My last surgery failed so do not ever have surgery unless it is a last resort.

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