Could I have something lodged in my throat?

so about 4 days ago I was eating one of those lifesaver mints. sometimes when you tear apart the clear plastic wrapper to get the mint out, a tiny sliver of plastic wrapper remains stuck to the mint.

When I put the mint in my mouth it felt like after I had swallowed that little sliver of plastic wrapper was now stuck in my throat. Later in the day that part of my throat got sore and fast forward to the day and a half later and I've had a cold for about the last 2 days and my throat in that area where it was sore, might be sore 1 minute and then not feel as bad the next.

So I just wondered if say on last Friday is it possible that that little piece of wrapper could be stuck?  I'm talking like an extremely small piece that ripped off from the whole wrapper.


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  • y
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    9 months ago
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    Could be, but as another already said. Most likely you irritated, scratched your throat or something and that s what you now feel. Also would play into the getting a cold thing. Viruses are all around us pretty much all the time, they just never get the chance to enter the blood stream and get us sick. Kids teething often have colds and temps at the same time for the same reason. The teeth breaking through, the scratch at the back of your throat. Allowed a virus easy entrance.

  • denise
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    9 months ago

    You could call at the doctors / clinic, where they will have a look with specialized equipment to help you, Hopefully.

  • J
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    9 months ago

    More likely that you have temporarily scarred your throat and that is what you feel.

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