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What is WWE doing with rusev?

Out of all the new talents wwe have brang in since 2012.

The only ones to me who are worth a dime are Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Big E, Owens and Rusev and to a lesser degree Roman.

Rusev to me is a far better overall talent than Dolph ziggler, Sheamus, Sami zayn, Nakamura, Riochet and Finn Balor.

Yet WWE are messing around with him

Rusev had a heel character that in all terms and purpose in 2014-2015 shouldn't of go over at that time peroid in wwe but did. Rusev got over as a face with the Rusev day stuff. Rusev looks real and he actually makes his moves look impactful. He clearly has passion for what he does and works hard no matter what and as a result... they give him a storyline where lana cheats on him with lashley and that's it. No Rusev getting revenge on lashley.

I think Jack swagger has a point about how wwe are treating a main even talent in Rusev.

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    They are burying him in my opinion.

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    They haven't been using him all that well and I think WWE should use him better. He is one of the more talented wrestlers in WWE and he can get people to cheer for him. WWE has ruined his character in many occasions.

    He was booked as a massive tank with an impressive unpinned/unsubmitted streak until he lost to Cena. Rusev was then involved in an angle with Summer Rae, Lana and Ziggler which was absolutely panned by many. Then when Rusev began to get built up as the same tank he was, WWE decides to have Roman Reigns humiliate him.

    WWE had an opportunity to make Rusev a main-eventer or at least tag team champion. He and Aiden were a class-act. The "Rusev Day" gimmick was really great and it improved him. Then WWE makes a horrible decision by having Aiden turn on Rusev in such a highly tedious way.

    Now he is involved in another bizarre featuring Lashley and Lana. I do think this angle has ruined all three stars especially Lana. WWE needs to do better than this.

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    Putting him in this stupid storyline between Lana and Bobby Lashley.

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    Honestly, I dont care about WWE Anymore. Edge retired, Jeff hardy isnt the same as he came back.

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  • Created a Mid-Card Storyline for Rusev, Lana and Lashley. WWE doesn't really know what they want to do with them, so they just threw this together and put it out there. The direction this storyline is going in we should expect to see Maury Povich show up on Monday Night Raw and there will be a demand for a Paternity Test, if it turns out that Lana is indeed Pregnant and the question arises, just who is the Father?

  • Making Him Look LIke A Fool I Hope He Breaks Bobby Lashley's Leg!

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    Love triangle is a way to put him in a meaningful storyline , however he won’t be pushed to a main event level feud ... he is currently in mid card hell... now if he were to go to AEW....

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    At least it’s a storyline, but he should get a chance to wreck lashley otherwise it is for nothing.

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    Same thing they are doing with 90% of the roster. Burying them 

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    rusev has never been main event talent

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    They're punishing him for having a hot wife.  That's pretty much the size of it.  They didn't like how they went public on social media with their marriage, and reports for a long time have been that Vince doesn't understand how Rusev could attract a woman like Lana, so he's written multiple story lines where they're not together to...I don't know?...prove a point to someone? Who knows.  He's losing it.

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