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do i have a concussion?

Hey, so I was in the bathroom when I missed the step out and fell to my back, I had control of the fall and rolled but i kinda bumped the back of my head on the floor. Not very hard, but my head kinda tapped and slid. The floor is carpet with floor underneath I was able to get up right after but i feel a little dizzy now, I assume it mind over matter but how would I know if I got a concussion from this? is there anything to do? is there anything I should look out for? thanks

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    It sounds like you have a concussion to me-

    Here's the thing people don't get about concussions, you don't need to hit your head that hard to get one! All it takes is the wrong movement/jolt, hit to the head and you have a concussion. A concussion is merely a bruise, which is caused by the skull hitting the brain, leaving a bruise/swellling, given the skull is rock hard, it doesn't take much to get one.

    There isn't much you can do with a concussion, just like you can't do anything about a bruise on any other part of your body. All you can do is monitor the swelling, if the headaches get worse throughout the night, then you need to go down to emerge where they will do a CT scan and other treatments to get the swelling down.

    Symptoms to look out for include:

    - Dizziess

    - Nausea

    - Blurred vision

    - Feeling uneasy while standing

    - Ringing in the ears

    - Disorientation

    - Inability to concentrate

    - Lack of appetite

    Concussions have no real timetable for being cured, it can be a day, several days, weeks, months etc, every concussion is different, and no same one has the same recovery process.

    I have had two in my lifetime! The first being on a boat which went over rough waves, I blacked out as well, I had dizziness and a headache, but within 24 hours it had cured 100%. The second one was when I hit the top of my head getting into a car, I had everything from diziness, to uneasiness, to a headache and it lasted for roughly a week.

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    Look out for swelling and let somebody know what happened so they can keep in touch with you.

    If you have any more side effects, go to the hospital.

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    Start doing strenuous hard exercise if you start getting a pounding headache or pass out you probably have a concussion or a small bleed in your brain

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