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Why did the US Military not adopt the xm8 rifle in 2010?

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    It had issues that H&K failed to adequately address.

    like poor batteries for the elec sight, which they redesigned that were then to heavy

    or the hand guard on the rifle would get so hot, it could actually melt and the redesign increased the weight of the rifle

    and all the changes that would have to be made, significantly increased the cost per rifle.

    and then all of a sudden it wasn't a cost effective replacement for the m4

    2. in reality, there will be no replacement of the M$ family, until someone comes out with viable caseless ammo, where 6.8 or 7.62 ammo has the same or lower weight than current 5.56 ammo

    and caseless ammo has issues of cost, heat, and extraction

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    It's a piece of crap.

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    Several reasons, one of which was congressional funding. Also there is the issue of how Colt was cut out of the design process. There was or is a legal requirement for Colt to be part of any new small arms purchases by the US military.

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    Well you know how that is

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