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Is this permanent damage?

So this has been a problem for me for the past for 4-5 years, and I haven't really talked about it, but it's starting to become a real concern.

In my mid 20s I abused steroids. I did one 3 month cycle which blew me off the charts with muscle results, weight gain, all what I was hoping to achieve. Of course there were the negative side effects e.g. shrunk testicles, pimples, aggression.

Everything has subsided except for one. Shrunken testicles. I only did one cycle and I feel I have stuffed my body up for life now. I also don't have much semen anymore and this has only been as of this year, it just feels like things are not improving with time but getting worse. Even my ex gf noticed the shrinkage and it was super embarrassing.

2 Answers

  • see a doctor immediately.

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  • Loco
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    8 months ago

    Go see a doctor only they may be able to help you nothing we can do because there is no home fix for that

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