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if asked a horary question " Will I have any problems out of recent car repair?" what would mean if moon is making trines to planets?

not sure if that would mean "YES" or " it will run fine" can determine?

moon is making a trine to Saturn and Pluto and they are also sextiling Sun.

so would that mean "No" or "yes"?

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    The answers to horary questions depend on the rulers of the relevant houses and if they are coming together and how. Also, horary questions need to be specific. I'm answering this because of the issue, in horary, of which house rules a car.  Some astrologers claim it is the third house, as the third house rules short journeys. I'll never understand that "logic."  The car is not the journey, it is the vehicle you take the journey in.  If it is your car, it is your possession, second house. What is the ruler of the second house doing in the chart? Is it making a soft aspect to another planet or more than one, and if so what houses does it or they rule? 

    The Moon is the general significator of the question and sometimes, if we can't make heads of tails of the specific significator, the Moon can provide an answer. But the same question holds: if the Moon is in an applying trine to this or that planet, what do they rule and how do they apply to the question? 

    My advice is to ignore Pluto.  Use traditional rulerships.  What does Saturn rule in the chart, and what does the Sun rule, but most importantly what is the Moon's NEXT aspect?  That might be the key. The planets it aspects after the first one might give some details, but the first planet aspected should give the answer.

    So what planet rules the second house and what is it doing in the chart.  If no answer can be determined then look to the Moon and see its next aspect. The Moon might only be showing what you're worrying about.From the comments:i am assuming 6th house would be pertinent too? saturn is in 6th houseYou're missing the point entirely and I suspect what you need is a good horary textbook. What does Saturn rule?  That is, what house cusps have Aquarius and Capricorn on them? If Capricorn is on the 8th and Aquarius is on the 9th, then Saturn is most likely meaningless for this question.  The 6th is usually the repairman - not the repair.  The condition of the car is often shown by the essential dignity of the ruler of the 2nd.  If Aries is on the 2nd house cusp, and Mars is in Libra, detriment, the condition of the car is poor. This is to be expected since it would need a repair if it was in good condition.  But what happens to Mars next?  Does it move into Scorpio (domicile) soon, which would indicate it will be in good condition? Very broadly the chart of the question shows the situation as it is, and the future movement of the planets shows what it will become, but you have to master the basics before you can read the chart properly and you aren't going to learn to do that on YA Answers. Get a copy of "The Horary Text Book" by John Frawley.

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      i am assuming 6th house would be pertinent too?  saturn is in 6th house

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    Using a magic 8 ball will provide equal results compared to the people in the entertainment section. Or flip a coin.

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