Would you rather use oil based hair products or would you rather use gel ?

I will start off by saying that I am African-American. So I use mainly black hair care products. Most of these products contain oil or protroleum ( grease)

I wash my hair regularly. But am I defeating the purpose of washing it , If I go and slather oily products on it afterwards?

What about you , would you prefer hair spray and or gel ? Or would you prefer oil based hair products?

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    I'm not African American, but I do have curly hair. When you wash your hair you can strip out some of the oils in your scalp, it's up to you if you want to use the oily products to help that out. Your hair type can be coarser and dryer then normal or even curly hair types, so it needs conditioning and or oil to add moisture to it. If you have to wash your hair use a conditioner after you shampoo it. 

    I don't use gel as it tends to be sticky and it dries out my hair. I do use a frizz reducing hair spray to help hold my hair styles. If I use too many oily products, my hair gets greasy and weighted down.

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