Do you get annoyed with sending text messages , due to the misspelling of words and autocorrect?

I have somewhat large fingers, so this makes it a little bit harder to text and even type on a computer keyboard. There are often typing errors which I have to go back and correct.

I am constantly misspelling words, and it does not help when the autocorrect tries to guess what I am saying and inputs words automatically for me. I use "Swype" keyboard feature where I run my fingers across the letters to create a word. And other times I just push each letter or number individually with my finger.

Sometimes I find it easier to use the voice text input. Where I speak into the phone and the words that I am saying comes up on the screen.

Does anyone else get annoyed with texting?

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  • 8 months ago

    Extremely annoyed. I also get annoyed when things aren’t capitalized correctly. Growing up, writing is everything. Imagine if you send in a resume that’s full of mistakes. It’ll get tossed right away. So people should take their time to spell and capitalize things correctly. 

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