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What age do you stop pointe classes?

If you are a ballet student what age do you start incorporating pointe work into your every day ballet classes and not have a separate pointe class? or do you keep the pointe classes until you're in a graduate?

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    In professional training they generally  don’t have “pointe classes.” Pointe work is added to the last 15 minutes of glass for beginner pointe students,  then increased.  After about a year all classes would be en pointe and you would have variations classes as well as Pas de deux classes ( partnering) added to your regular daily ballet classes. That would be at around age 14. By age 16 you would be “company ready” in terms of starting as an apprentice with a professional ballet company. In recreational schools pointe work is started earlier in terms of students abilities. Students tend to stay in early pointe training much longer in recreational schools. 

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    It's so frustrating when our bodies refuse to bend to ballet's will! ... As you get stronger, your turnout will look better because you'll hold it correctly in place. ... I have strong ankles; it is just the last part of the relevé that I struggle with. .... in soft shoes are allowed to begin prepointe lessons, which lead to pointe classes.

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