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What’s the difference between believing in Jesus and trusting in Jesus? I mean even Satan believes in him...?


@ Bob: everyone knows how good you are at pointing out the faults of others.  Now tell us, what's wrong with you?

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    You are correct that Satan believes in Jesus.  He knows that he will, one day, be overthrown by Jesus and end up in the fires of hell himself.  Hell is not Satan's kingdom where he will dwell with his followers, it is the place of torment for Satan himself and all his followers.  Those who try to keep people away from God and His Son are following Satan.

    Be aware that Satan wants you and then trust in Jesus to keep you safe from him.  Keeping in touch, regularly, through prayer, with Jesus the Saviour then you won't need to worry about Satan.

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    Believing in Jesus ... to believe that He exists.

    Trusting in Jesus ... to have confidence and hope that He will help you in your situation(s).

     "I will say to the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust."

         --- Psalm 91:2

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    Praise Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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    Once we receive the Holy Spirit given to us by accepting Jesus as our Savior, it is the Holy Spirit that shows us how to believe and how to trust.  Without the Holy Spirit, reading God's word is almost useless.  The Holy Spirit teaches us all things concerning Christ - He brings the Scripture to Life for us.  He helps us when we pray.  He encourages us and fill us with boldness.  He is God on the earth at this time.  Just like Jesus was God on the earth when He walked the earth.  Jesus said He was going to the Father, but He left us a helper - The Holy Spirit.  

    Oh, and Satan not only believes, Satan also trusts, because when Jesus said, "It is written" Satan backed off knowing and trusting in the Word of God.  

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  • Carym
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    3 weeks ago

    Belief is not a mere acknowledgement of historical facts, nor simply an emotional disposition to “trust” Christ as Savior; rather, it embraces obedience [John 3:36];  [Hebrews 5:8-9].   

    The Gospel conveys information about how to access the power of God to save but this power is efficacious only on behalf of those who believe its message. To  “believe” is an active faith that remains sustained, and not just a  'one-time' act that forever saves beyond the possibility of forfeiture, and condemnation [Hebrews 10:39];  [Hebrews 3:12].   

    However, "trust" is a bond, a commitment, a connection---it now becomes personal---a relationship is formed and we start our journey together. It means: Lord, "I'm going to put Your Word to the test, no matter what..." And God says, "I can't wait to reward your faith." [1 Thessalonians 5:2];  [Hebrews 11:6]. 

  • Paul
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    "Believing in" Jesus can mean different things. It can simply mean believing He existed. Or it can mean accepting His teaching and living by it.

  • Barney
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    Obviously, believing that someone exists and trusting in him is two different things.  As you pointed out even Satan and the demons believe that Jesus exists and is God's son but they still oppose him.

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    You believe in parachutes, but it won't save your life unless you put it on.  You've got to put your trust in it; you have to have faith in the parachute for it to work.

    Same thing with trusting in Jesus. 

    God only works in the domain of truth.  He IS truth.  So you have to be completely trustworthy and live in that place of complete vulnerability and honesty for Him to be able to do what He wants to do, which is love you and care for you.  You're the only person standing in His way.

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    Belief does not always motivate people to do anything about the matter. The demons believe there is one God - and shudder (James 2:19). Their belief does not cause them to put faith in the one God! They are in rebellion against this One who they know full well exists! To trust Jesus is to do what He says because you love Him. He is real to you and you know Him to be your Lord and Savior. Belief results in a changed life, changed by the Spirit of Christ who dwells in those trusting in Him. See Romans chapter 8. 

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      For Anon who's blocked me: James 2:18 is a hypothetical statement of someone wrongly supposing there's a 'faith Christian' and a 'works Christian', as if you could be one or the other. James shows it has to be both. Why, even the demons have belief in the reality of God but that won't save them!

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    It is pretty much the same as believing in leprechauns and trusting in leprechauns; any difference is imaginary and useless.

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    Both require a special kind of retardation.

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