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What could be predicted about nature of spouse and timing of marriage as per chart? I was born on 16/jan/1972 at 23:05 pm MUmbai INdia?

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  • Janet
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    1 month ago

    Your birthchart will show you what YOU offer to a spouse, and what YOU appreciate in a marriage.

    It does not indicate your spouse nor the timing of marriage. I have seen many people marry when they had absolutely NO astrological indications for marriage ... and marriages have lasted anyway.

    I was married once for 15 years, and now in my second marriage since 1988.  NEITHER husband looks or acts like my 7th House .. but in a marriage I am the one who acts like my 7th House.

    “All anyone can see in a birth chart are tendencies that will become facts if the person does not do something to alter them. Astrology is not meant to be a primarily predictive science. It is meant to be for understanding ourselves and also for understanding other people.” (Isabel M Hickey – one of the founders of modern Western astrology)

    Those who tell you that astrologer predicts external situations are just playing on human fear of uncertainty and trying to get their hands on your money.  Astrology has its uses, but you are asking for things it cannot answer.

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