My partner died 5 years ago in ladder fall?

Hi, my partner died in an accident at work almost 5 years ago now.

He finacially supported me fully for 10 years as I have medical problems and am unable to work. And will never do so.

When he died he had no will and therefore his daughter stepped in and had his savings.

I was literally penniless and had food from the food bank on one occasion and begged money off my sister.

It took months to sort out my benefit I am now on the support component of Esa

I never claimed benefit until after he died.

I have in the 4 years I've been claiming had to undergo two tribunals which I won.

The thing im asking advise about is there is a compensation claim for my partners death ongoing I have been offered £50.000 which will be shared with his daughter so it is no huge  amount for a accidental death a work. I'm in the UK, and compensation is not paid like it is abroad.

I was hoping that I would have been able to invest it for my old age I'm 60 now but I believe that my benifit will stop and I have to live on it till it's gone and them reclaim benefits..Is this true. Is there no way to protect the compensation.

No sarcastic comments please, this was money for my partners life I am talking about here.

Does anyone have any sound advice please.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    "I have been offered £50.000 which will be shared with his daughter so it is no huge amount for a accidental death a work."

    "When he died he had no will and therefore his daughter stepped in and had his savings."

    First your whole post smells of give me give me even if others have to pay for it.  If you get this money why do you feel you should get anything else until it is gone?

    ADMITTEDLY I know nothing of your laws but why should you be paid anything since you were not in his will and it seems his daughter has assumed a position of claimant of his estate or at least monies in a savings account?  I can understand the estate getting compensation for his accident but why would the proceeds go to you as a mere partner and not spouse?  As stated I just want to learn on this.

    WOW from a post 2 years ago and it sounds like you are in over your head

    My partner died, compensation claim?

    , I lost my partner of ten years almost 3 years ago in an accident at work. . accidental death... I was totally finacially dependant on him. We lived together for almost ten years,

    I couldnt enter a claim for compensation myself as we were not married but his daughter spoke to me and put in a claim for us..

    She was only allowed to claim for funeral cost as she was not dependent on him. I spoke to the solicitor who asked me very detailed questions and he added a claim for me to the daughters case.

    The thing is the daughter and myself are not really close and have not spoken for months so i have no idea how things are progressing but have heard the compensation claim is going forward.

    The solicitor who i dealt with has since left and a new solicitor is handling it.. and im not sure she will be able to give me any information as its not a case in my name.

    The thing is her claim is just for funeral costs whilst the solicitor asked me numerous and detailed questions and said a large claim would be going in with the majority of it being mine.

    Im completely out of the loop as regards whats happening, can she keep the money that is being claimed for me. its alot of it illegal to do so....Ive no idea whats happening.

    Can anyone advise please

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Benefits are paid by people who work without receiving what they've worked for. It goes to you, and others like you, instead. Of course you can't sit on tens of thousands of dollars and expect to spend other people's money. You've got to spend your own money, first.

  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    The support component is not subject to any conditions and is paid as long as the claimant remains in the support group. People in the support group are entitled to the Enhanced Disability Premium (EDP) provided they qualify for ESA (income related).

    This gives you more advice and you can use the calculator to see for yourself

  • 10 months ago

    If you lived with him for all those years -- and were his dependent at the time of his death -- I'm a little puzzled about the daughter's claim in all of this --unless she is a child and dependent too ?.

    Have you considered speaking to the Citizen's advice bureau about your claim and circumstances ? 

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  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    Sorry to say but any compensation is classed as income in the U.K. so your benefits will stop. You will be expected to spend it wisely not blow the lot on a car or something. Only when you reach, I believe , 16k will you be able to claim again.

    You can always phone CAB fir advice.


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