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Should I replace my dog's current food?

My dog is a 5 year old German Shepardoodle. Right now, I feed him Purina dog kibble. However, I read an article online about how raw meats and raw eggs are beneficial for dogs. I am currently planning to start with raw beef cuts. Next week, I'll introduce egg yolks into his diet. What meats do you suggest? 

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    Stick with Purina. There are no scientifically proven benefits to feeding raw, but there is a demonstrated increased risk for bacterial contamination and nutritional issues for raw vs kibble. Purina is one of the only brands who do extensive testing and employ board certified veterinary nutritionists to formulate their diets. 

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    Your dog has never eaten a raw diet before it would be best to stick with kibble and cooked meats. I would strongly recommend changing your brand of dog food to a healthier brand. I feed my guys taste of the wild, but there are many other great brands out there. Just read the ingredients. Make sure there is no by products in the food and no unnecessary chemicals. 

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    It is not a matter of what we suggest, it is a set of different kinds of meat that you have to feed. Do more research on feeding raw. & don't do it until you know ALL about it. & know that it is expensive.

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    Unless or until you know exactly how to feed a properly balanced raw diet, leave it alone.  I'd not use Purina however and there are far better complete diets for dogs, ones that list meat or fish as the first (main) ingredient.   You should totally avoid any cereal-based food.   If you dog has been doing ok for 5 years on the food you've been using, apart from finding a better complete food, I'd not try altering it.  The GSD part of your dog could suggest any change in his diet could upset his digestive system, which GSDs can be prone to.

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    The quick answer to this question is NO, but, you could improve the kibble you feed quite easily. In case you're wondering, I have one dog on raw diet, she was raised that way and is very fit Ang healthy and four dogs on straight kibble diet, also fit n healthy. If your dog is happy with kibble, it will love a decent kibble, you will have problems if you try to mess with the food, especially as you seem to know so little about the subject...

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    I suggest you learn about raw&bone/BARF/Prey model  feeding BEFORE you even think about clearly have no idea about raw feeding which is undoubtably the best way to feed any dog however you need to understand and properly research the NEEDS of the dog...and raw meat and eggs is not how you feed a dog, you need a BALANCE  diet and that means organ meat, fruit/veg, fish and/or fish oils along with all the vitimins, minerals and trace elements

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    Purina is at the bottom of the barrel in quality.  You can find ratings on kibble dog foods all over the internet.  You could start improving your dog's health by simply feeding a better kibble.

    YOU READ..... uh-huh.  You do not say WHERE (cite said article) - so we can see the entire article, rather than just what you THINK you read, or see the results (or only what you recall reading) and WHO wrote it.  Not everybody is an expert....

    You DO NOT mix in, RAW FOOD with cooked food, period.  Kibble-fed dogs need to DEVELOP a much more acidic digestive tract, in order to safely handle RAW MEAT and RAW bones, and digest such, in 4 hours.  And because kibble takes 12 hours to digest, you are again => shooting your dog in the foot by offering both - won't work well.

    Thirdly, you DO NOT feed unbalanced (extra) protein with no added calcium.  The dog will then be FORCED to pull calcium out of its OWN BONES, in order to make up for the lack by you feeding an UNBALANCED DIET - because you refuse to do the reading & research by knowledgeable persons on how to do it correctly.  (There are numerous BOOKS on the subject) as well as lots of online forums - on feeding the dog a RAW diet. 

    The discussion (about whether to feed raw & kibble) was just had in the last 24 HOURS on this board - as to why NOT.  I suggest what YOU READ that set of posts.  I suspect what you read was a poorly researched article, or you "reduced the message" to being an IDEA to start adding fresh, raw food with no information on what or how to do it CORRECTLY.  And no, we will not "SPOON FEED" you.  You need to do the actual research and decide if you really want to go to the WORK involved, in RAW feeding.

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