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Which German rank was the highest during WWII, stabsfeldwebel,oberfeldwebel, hauptfeldwebel? How many pips did each have?British equivalent?

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    Stabsfeldwebel is the second highest Non-commissioned officer rank in German Army and German Air Force. It is grouped as OR8 in NATO, equivalent to a First Sergeant, Master Sergeant, or Senior Master Sergeant in the US Armed forces, and to Warrant Officer Class 2 in the British Army and Royal Navy.

    Oberfeldwebel is the fourth-lowest non-commissioned officer rank in German Army and German Air Force.   Apparently they command a squad or platoon

    In the German military, the appointment of Hauptfeldwebel was the German equivalent of a Commonwealth Company Sergeant Major or American Company First Sergeant. There was one such non-commissioned officer in every infantry company, artillery battery, cavalry squadron, etc.

    Source(s): googled it, wikipedia
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