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Do feminists support or oppose an equal presumption of joint custody?

For example, various groups were going on and on about the problem of human trafficking in Asian massage parrlors where I live. So, eventually the police did a huge, expensive undercover sting operation.


Sorry.  Details somehow came from another question I read.  Don’t know how that happened.  

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    "Do feminists support or oppose an equal presumption of joint custody?"

    Oppose.  The mainstream feminist organization NOW made their position absolutely clear when they published their resolution from the National Organization for Women’s national conference back in 1996.

    It says that they are NOT a group that is interested in true gender equality. And I think it does their image a great disservice to be seen to be fighting on the side of inequality.

    --NOW Opposes Equal Rights for Fathers--

    You can read the whole declaration here: 

    ** See the link in the first comments box.  This answer would not post with the link in it.  It took me two hours to figure this out! **

    And a fitting quote from the link:

    "And, speaking of dads, NOW has not a single good word to say about them. If we searched the world over, could we find a decent, loving father? Not according to NOW. No, groups like the National Parents Organization are most closely akin to men who batter their wives/partners."


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    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? The title and the body of your message have no relation to each other.

    Yes, I think parents should share custody, _unless there's abuse_.

    What does that have to do with human trafficking? I'm against human trafficking and industries that support and burgeon it.

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    I don't see how the 2 topics are related.

    Personally, I oppose an *automatic* presumption of joint custody, because I think joint custody is a bad idea if one party doesn't actually want to be a parent.  I do agree that decisions about custody should be decided without giving automatic preference to one parent on grounds of gender.

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      I'm saying my parents had joint custody, but my father apparently had no real interest in actually being a parent, and this caused me problems.

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